The Evangelical Movement of Wales Study Course

In August 2010, the EMW is launching a course of study to help Christians DEEPEN:

- in their understanding of God’s word and work;

- in their devotion to Christ;

- in their commitment to his work;

- in their service of Christ and others.

It is designed to be helpful to all Christians who want to grow and are prepared to make the effort to commit time to study and prayer.



DEEPEN has four tracks:

1. Biblical Studies

2. Biblical Doctrine

3. Church History

4. Practical and Contemporary Issues

In each of the four tracks there are essential books that need to be purchased or borrowed and additional items some of which are available for free download from the DEEPEN website.  

All who enrol on the course will receive each year a free EMW Bookshop Discount Card that entitles them to a 25% discount on all books bought for personal study from EMW bookshops.

All the resources used are biblically faithful, and designed to DEEPEN those who read them rather than undermining faith or stirring up contention.

DEEPEN runs over three years, with an optional fourth year to look at some areas in more detail.



In each area, some reading is assigned each month (with suggestions for additional reading if you want to dig deeper), and tutors are available to support you via e-mail or post.  

There is also a web forum discussion board, moderated by the tutors, where questions can be posted and issues discussed - this is not an essential part of the course, so do not be discouraged if you are not comfortable with computers.

There is no written work to be submitted nor examinations - just keep the tutors informed of any difficulties and share any blessings you receive from the course.

You may like to consider forming a local Study Group or Book Club with others on the course.



The course would suit any Christian who desires to DEEPEN, including Church Officers, Sunday School teachers, the inquisitive and the hungry.  

It would be of great help to believers who live in isolated areas and so are not able to benefit as they would wish from the ministry of a local church.

The course is designed to supplement the teaching of the local church, not replace it, and so all applicants must have the support of their Church Officers before starting the course.



1. Biblical Studies: Rev. Philip Eveson

2. Biblical Doctrine: Rev. Mark Thomas

3. Church History: Rev. Andrew Davies

4. Practical and Contemporary Issues: Rev. Mark Thomas



£20 per annum.



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